The best bass players

Here is the list of what we consider the five best bassists of all times.

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Les Claypool

Les Claypool is one of the best bass players as far as mastering flap. One of his first hero was Geddy Lee. When he attended hist first concert of Rush, he spent the entire time watching Geddy's hands, as there were so many things to learn from him. He had a Memphis bass and started the strings to sound like him. Years later he developed his signature funky slap bass sound that fueled his band Primus.

Geddy Lee

If the role of Geddy Lee Rush was playing bass then it would be filled to perfection. He can sing at the same time and even play the keyboards, that is an amazing achievement. Almost no other singer has ever done that. The group thought of adding a fourth member, but the fans preferred to only the three Rush original musicians in concert. The band is currently on a world tour.

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was a top bass player before joining Led Zeppelin, playing pieces with famous rock stars like Cat Stevens and many others. When he met Robert Plant, one of the most powerful rock bands in history was born. While Jones was in the background, it has doubtless been the backbone of the band's sound. In 2009, he formed Them Crooked Vultures with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. John is also a good poker player when he makes a stop in Las Vegas.


Flea is the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers. When he entered Bootsy Collins in the mid 80s and ried his style of slap, he found his signature sound. After this gamble, he has adopted a more melodic style, while keeping his funk side most of the time. He recently teamed up with Thom Yorke in the supergroup Atoms for Peace. Currently, Flea is on a world tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers to defend their last album.

John Entwistle

Also known as Ox, Entwistle was trained on piano and French horn before switching to bass. He played this instrument as a lead instrument, creating a powerful rhythm which often managed to overshadow the sound of the guitar of player Pete Townshend. His solos are probably the most famous bass solos in the history of rock. The Who continued to play after the sudden death of John Entwistle but their sound was sorely lacking in the quality of their new bass player.

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